Summary of the GOFC–GOLD Twentieth-Anniversary Regional Networks Summit Report

Published summary of the GOFC–GOLD Twentieth-Anniversary Regional Networks Summit

NASA -- The Earth Observer Journal 2018

OSFAC is willing to share the NASA Earth Observer Journal, January - February 2018. Volume 30, Issue 1.

OSFAC Report 2017

OSFAC's annual report

OSFAC at GOFC-GOLD Summit Tbilisi, Georgia : september 2017

GOFC-GOLD Regional Networks Summit, OSFAC was represented by Dr. Landing Mané (Director). 

National Forest Carbon Map for the DRC

WWF DRC and WWF Germany, in collaboration with national authorities, are proud to announce the publication of the Forest Biomass Map of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Carbon Mapping project assessed the carbon stock in each hectare of forest on all 2.3 million km2 of the DRC, using airborne LiDAR technology and satellite imagery.